Flight Instructor Course (FIC)

Flight Instructor Course (FIC)

The FIC will teach you how to teach the future pilots of the world.

The course is available to anyone, regardless of age and experience. As long as you are interested in passing the knowledge that you have to others, this course is for you. It is truly enjoyable and rewarding to see other pilots grow their skills under your guidance.

During the FIC training, you will gain a skill set that very few pilots are privileged to have. You will learn how to convey your knowledge and experience in a way that is engaging, so the students can learn and retain that knowledge in order to be safe and confident pilot. That skill set is what differentiates a flight instructor from any other professional pilot.

The course is conducted by an experienced MEIR and CPL instructor who is also an airline pilot.

If you are interested in completing the course, or you have further questions, feel free to contact a member of our excellent team on 02030053276

Course Length:
The course consist of 30 hours of flight training (5 of which can be done with another student instructor) and 125 hours theoretical studying and a Practical Flight Test at the end

Course pre-requisites:
Minimum age 18
PPL or CPL Licence
CPL or ATPL theory exams (For PPL Instructor, LAPL Instructors do not require these)
Pre entry assessment flight (within six months of starting the course (not included in the course hours quoted)
Valid Class 1or 2 Medical
10 hours logged Instrument flying
30 hours SEP (minimum of 5 in the last 6 months)
200 hours total flight time
300nm Qualifying Cross Country Flight

Course Theory Exam:

Course Skills Test:
The Skills Test involves briefings on the aviation related theoretical knowledge required for the PPL training (during which you will demonstrate your ability to engage with the student and the use of training aids) followed by a flight of roughly 1.5 hours testing your ability to teach an exercise from the PPL syllabus. Entry and recovery from a spin will also be required to be demonstrated.

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