Come and fly with us

Flight Training London is a UK CAA approved, professional and safe EASA flying school. Located at London Elstree Aerodrome in North London and well within the M25, we are easily accessible by road, railway or tube. The aerodrome benefits from being the closest aerodrome to Central and North London.

We offer PPL / LAPL / NPPL training, Instrument rating (IMC / IR(R)), Night Rating / Flying, Trial Lessons, Experience Flights, Gift Vouchers, Self Hire, Complex Aircraft Conversions, Ground School, Aerobatic Flights / Training, Multi Engine Training / Checkouts, Aviation Merchandise / Supplies, Members Events, Fly-outs and Hour Building.

We provide 1 on 1 training for people wanting to fly for fun as well as those who want to embark on a commercial flying career.

Our team of experienced instructors are friendly, approachable and provide excellent support throughout the entirety of your training. Staff are always on hand to help and guide you through the exciting journey in gaining the particular training you are after and provide excellent advice on getting your commercial license after completing your PPL, or exciting adventures to undertake simply with your Private Pilots License.

Ivan Kurbanov is the Founder /Director and CFI of Flight Training London and is an instructor and examiner for PPL, Instrument rating (IMC / IR(R)), Night, Tail-dragger and ground school theory. He has over 6500 flying hours most of which are instructional.

Ian Marshal is our Head of Training / Examiner who teaches on pretty much anything with wings. He has experience in a wide array of aviation positions, as well as being a captain for BMI and knows pretty much everything about everything to do with flying.

The rest of our instructors (with thousands and thousands of hours experience between them) in both civilian and military aviation backgrounds include seven Full-time instructors and eight Part-time instructors.

Tamsyn Illman works as the Operations & Marketing Manager as well as the organiser of various events and fly-outs.

Our basic training fleet include four PA28’s (two Archers and three Warriors) and five Cessna’s (three 152s, one 150 aerobat and a 150) aircraft.

Aerobatic training can be undertaken in the Cessna Aerobat 150.

Flight Training London at London Elstree Aerodrome provides an exciting base to conduct your training with Ikaron Café on-site as well as a Pooley’s Aviation Shop and an array of large and visiting aircraft, not to mention the frequent film shooting or celebrity appearance being so close to Warner Bros and Elstree Film studios. It also has 24 hour access to people with PPL’s given the runway lights.

With our good social atmosphere and loads of different events being held throughout the year, Flight Training London also provides a place to meet like-minded people as well as an environment to start networking within the aviation industry.

It has also proven a popular site for visiting aviators from all over the world to hire aircraft with an instructor and see what it is like to fly in one of the busiest but scenic airspaces in the world with the skyline of London viewable from the plane. Visitors can benefit from learning how to navigate safely in the airspace between 4 of the 5 major airports near London including Heathrow Airport.

If you have the aviation bug or you want to give yourself (or a close one) the gift of flight, come for one of our trial lessons where you (after a thorough briefing) will get behind the controls of one of our dual control training aircraft with one of our experienced instructors.

We are open 7 days a week. Our office hours are 9am-5pm but contactable by phone from 8am - 8pm everyday.

Call us to make an appointment now and talk to one of our instructors about your training.